000: One Thing

000: One Thing

Posted: Sunday, July 19, 2015


One of my favorite shows is Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. It was such a well written, well animated series that also had perfect voice casting. There is an episode in Justic League Unlimited, titled “”The Cat and the Canary””, where Wildcat is arguing with Black Canary. He’s frustrated, because he doesn’t have any powers or gadgets. He feels obsolete and like a one-note song because he only is known for one thing and only does one thing—fights.


“Fighting is what I do, alright? It’s all I was ever good at and I’m still good at it. I’m Wildcat. The guy who fights.”


That’s how people know him.


That’s not such a bad thing though. To be known for doing something really well. I’ll name a few names and you tell me what you think of when you read their names.


  • Michael Jordan
  • Daniel Day Lewis
  • Stan Lee


When you think of these people there is probably one thing that stands out to you. Not only were they known for one thing, but you could say that they had a specific, more granular focus and that focus set them apart from all the rest.


Michael Jordan is known for basketball, but even in that he is known specifically as being “Air Jordan”, because he gained recognition for jumping from the free throw line and slam dunking the basketball.


Daniel Day Lewis is known as an actor, but more specifically as being a method actor, completely embodying the character he’s playing and never breaking character even off camera until the film was done shooting.


Stan Lee is a writer, but is best known for being a prolific writer and co-creator of almost every major character in the Marvel Universe.


I mentioned in a previous post that I am going to overhaul DominicSedillo.com and focus the work and written posts that live on here.


From now, and at the very minimum, the next two years I will devote my work on this site entirely on creating caricatures and teaching you how to create them. Check out my Instagram for daily caricature sketches.


Every face has a story to tell and I want to teach you how to tell it.