001: 500 Caricature Challenge

001: 500 Caricature Challenge

Posted: Sunday, June 19, 2015




That’s the number.


There is a movie starring Vin Diesel called Knockaround Guys and in the movie he is about to get into a bar fight and starts off with this speech about how 500 street fights (not just regular fights) is the number that makes you tough, it doesn’t phase you, you know what to do, etc. I’ve always been enamored with that speech, because it makes sense and can still be applicable to art (and pretty much anything else that requires intentional practice).


I am setting a goal and announcing it publicly that I am going to draw 500 caricatures. I mentioned in a previous post that everything on DominicSedillo.com is getting an overhaul and I’m going to focus and repurpose previous posts on one thing—caricatures.


If you follow me on Instagram you’ll notice that I try and do one caricature a day. I am going to continue this, but as of now I’m not using any rollover credits on my past caricature work. I consider today is the start of the  500 Challenge.


My account is back to zero.


I’ve drawn well over 500 caricatures since I’ve started doing them professionally in 2000; I’ve easily done a few hundred just of my wife.


I’m sad to say that I don’t have a record of a lot of them because it wasn’t until a few years ago that I started taking pictures of them. That is okay though, because this is a refresh and a restart.


Why 500?


Aside from Mr. Diesel’s rousing speech that I mentioned above, there have been numerous studies that most masters start producing noticeable work around the 10-year mark or after *10,000 hours of intentional practice (*check out this article). And this is not even where these artists peaked! They were just getting started and their best work was still ahead of them!


500 just seems like a nice round number to strive for. Sean McCabe says often that when you’re trying to get your portfolio together think of a number of pieces you want to have in it and double it.


For me that number is 500.


I’m considering these next 500 faces to be just a warm-up. Follow me on Instagram and see a new face daily.

Every face has a story to tell and I want to teach you how to tell it.