Goals for 2016

Posted: Saturday, January 02, 2016


It’s a new year and a lot of things happened this past year in 2015. I wanted to recap what I did and what my goals are for 2016. I am going to get really granular with the goals, but I have to keep this post short because I’m moving, as this is being posted, and I gotta be brief. Enjoy!


Here are some highlights from 2015:

  1. Started writing a regular blog on this platform
  2. Shifted my artistic focus to caricatures with an emphasis on storytelling
  3. Began my 500 Challenge (drawing 500 caricatures in 500 days)
  4. Drew caricatures of some pretty neat people I’ve admired and had them comment and/or acknowledge my work.


Here is what I am striving for in 2016

  1. Experiment more in other media and go deeper in digital and traditional
  2. Create more finished pieces (at least 9 really tight ones)
  3. Do a workshop or have a starter e-book

I’ll be going more into what other media types I plan to use, the specific people I plan to caricature (and why I chose them), and what the workshop or e-book will be about. Stay tuned for updates!