Case Study 004: Nick Mundy



Posted: Sunday, February 21, 2016


The Subject

I’m a huge Screen Junkies fan. I stumbled upon their YouTube channel about 3 years ago when my wife was at work. She was working late and I was messing around on her iPad and looking up movie trailers. I saw something called Honest Trailers for Batman and Robin. I was curious about it because that movie is notoriously awful and I wondered what the original trailer was like and if there was any indication that the movie was that bad or if the trailer mislead you into thinking it was good.


Anyways, I clicked on it to discover it was one of the most brilliant spoofs I had seen. Next thing I knew I was 2 hours into watching these things. I immediately subscribed to their YouTube channel and even recently purchased their paid-subscription service, Screen Junkies Plus — and it’s awesome! You should totally to it!


Nick Mundy is a huge part of Screen Junkies and probably one of the most lively and polarizing figures. He’s on volume 10 all the time and it’s fantastic to watch. Nick Mundy has his very own show on Screen Junkies Plus called Mundy Night Raw.




The Story


Nicky Mundy was rallying people on Twitter for Screen Junkies to create Nick Mundy T-Shirts. I knew this would be a good opportunity to create a caricature of Nick Mundy, but there had to be a really good story. It had to be simple and capture the essence of some of the things he posts on Twitter and what he says while on Screen Junkies.


Lately Nick has been doing a lot of political tweets and sharing his opinions on various candidates. Nick Mundy is not one to shy away from his true feelings or thoughts. He’s not subtle to say the least.


Nick is unashamedly outspoken and an extremely proud American. The man got married in American flag pants (is there anything more patriotic? The answer is ‘no’).




You NEED to totally watch Nick Mundy get married by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. It’s an epic moment in a great American’s life.


I wanted to caricature Nick in a way that would look like a throwback to the political posters or buttons that JFK or Truman used to have. The quote I used, “Stop being a bunch of whiny crybabies!“, wasn’t directly from Nick, but based off of what Nick tweets I imagine it’s probably something that he would say. I wanted his action to compliment the slogan, be expressive, but not so much so that it would be distracting, but rather to  look like one of the throwback political buttons. I wanted the impression of Nick to be like FDR speaks-softly-but-carries-a-big-stick (except he would speak loudly).




Check out the caricature of Nick Mundy in the gallery!


Aside from being best friends to the Rock — sorry Nick, I couldn’t figure a way to incorperate him on this caricature this time — he’s a huge Houston Astro’s fan and I think I may have yet to see him without an Astro’s hat in his appearances on Screen Junkies.


Lastly I incorporated 6/9 upon the request of Nick when he saw the original illustration on Twitter (it’s an inside-joke). I like incorporating inside stuff, because it’s a nice Easter egg for people who really know who the caricature is of, but also doesn’t distract from the main image.



The Process


For me this was a really quick turnaround because it was a hot topic on his Twitter and I wanted to post it while it was still a hot topic. I didn’t get to draw a lot of iterations, but for this project in particular I think it was okay because I have sketched and done final renderings of Nick before. I just needed to hone it down and start rendering it digitally. This is one of those times when I knew after I had the sketch I could fix everything in post.



Original sketch. Illustrated on office paper using non-photo red pencil and a blue sharpie. Sometimes I gotta work with what I’ve got 😀


I took a photo of the sketch, sent it to my computer, dropped it in Adobe Illustrator as a template and began to vector the image.


I found a couple of templates online to generate a good looking t-shirt mock-up.







With some fine tuning I was able to make a rough/tight mock-up.


I posted it to my Twitter and tagged Nick and to my amazement, he not only liked it, but commented, and retweeted it and kept retweeting it. This also generated a crazy conversation thread on Twitter where people really liked the design. In fact a fellow even made fan-art with my fan-art! It was very meta.



Possibly thee coolest thing and definitely one of my first big shout-outs from someone who is well-known.



Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 8.15.49 AM




Some awesome fan-art coupled with my fan-art. It’s like being 3 layers deep inside Inception or something.




I was overwhelmed at the response that I got from Nick Mundy, his followers, Screen Junkies, and their followers. I wanted to repay Nick and I found a place that created buttons. It’s definitely not the same as the shirts that he wanted, but I knew that buttons were something that would make sense with the artwork. Since the artwork is derived from political campaigns, it made sense to imprint the image onto a campaign button.



My newborn daughter is a proud supporter of Nick Mundy for President. Will someone think of the children please?!


I used to produce the buttons. They had very competitive prices (especially in bulk). After about a week I received the buttons in the mail and the quality on them was great! I sent them off to Nick Mundy.


In a few days Nick Mundy received my buttons and then the coolest thing happened, he totally named dropped me and this very website on the show! Not only that, he gave all of his guests my buttons as prizes for a segment to which all of the guests were wearing them.




Now that I have a daughter I can safely say that was the second most coolest thing to happen to me behind Nick Mundy giving me a shout-out on Mundy Night Raw. (*Don’t tell my wife or my daughter, when she grows up, thanks)


2016-02-15 18.19.39

Oh, is that Dan “The Man” Murrell and Hal “bye-bye” Rudnick wearing my buttons?! No big deal.


I think it would be a good idea if you subscribed to Screen Junkies Plus and watched the episode (and all the rad shows that are on there — it’s like a win-win-WIN)!



Will there be Nick Mundy shirts with my design on it? As of now I do not know, but I can say there is a strong possibility.


I’m not sure if we’ll actually see Nick Mundy shirts in the Screen Junkies store, but I can say that the subject that I caricatured was a success by the results mentioned above. I want to give a HUGE heart-felt thank you to Nick Mundy for being so insanely supportive and appreciative of my artwork. Perhaps we can be besties in the same way that he and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson are besties???

Now that would be a good story and Every face has a story to tell and I want to teach you how to tell it.