001: 500 Caricature Challenge

001: 500 Caricature Challenge Posted: Sunday, June 19, 2015   500.   That’s the number.   There is a movie starring Vin Diesel called Knockaround Guys and in the movie he is about to get into a bar fight and starts off with this speech about how 500 street fights (not just regular fights) is […]

000: One Thing

000: One Thing Posted: Sunday, July 19, 2015   One of my favorite shows is Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. It was such a well written, well animated series that also had perfect voice casting. There is an episode in Justic League Unlimited, titled “”The Cat and the Canary””, where Wildcat is arguing with […]

New Direction, New Focus, New Stuff…

Posted: Sunday, June14, 2015   Sorry. No new post this week. However, I can tell you that in 30 days from now (give or take) there will be extremely new content on the DSed website. I went on a much needed vacation this weekend with my wife and it really cleared my head. I redirected […]