Days of Future NOW…

Posted: Sunday, June 28, 2015

My favorite X-Men movie to date, as well as one of my favorite comic book movies, is  X-Men: Days of Future Past. I think most X-Men fans would agree that one of the reasons it was so cool is that it kinda negated/retconned some of the previous X-Men movie continuity that wasn’t…well…that great. However, it still maintained the original intention and framework of the characters.

These past few weeks I’ve been hinting a lot about the changes on the current website, but other than me talking about it, there haven’t been too many actual changes. The reason that is is because the more focused and intentional I became on the direction the more I realized how much work it was going to be—and that means a lot more time.

That being said I did state here publicly that there would be new content 30 days from June 15. I am going to keep to that promise. So on Sunday, *July 12 (*which is a bit earlier) there will be something new.

In fact all of my previous posts will be gone.

I’m taking a cue from X-Men: Days of Future Past and am retconning the site. The reason is the previous posts don’t have a specific bearing on the new direction. This still will be a site devoted to illustration, but it is going to be more focused. And again, I’m going to mention following me on Instagram to get a preview into what that focus might be.  And also like the movie, I’m not going to totally be ignoring the previous posts, but I am going to repurpose them to this new focus.

So take a look around at this past years posts and enjoy them before they go away (but will return in a new fashion).

See you again next Sunday for more updates!