News & Updates: It’s Friday the 13th!



Posted: Sunday, January 15, 2017


Okay, so it’s a few days after, but I couldn’t get to posting it right away. Anyways, I love Friday the 13th because it reminds me of probably my favorite movie monster/killer: Jason Voorhees!


This Friday the 13th my wife and I watched Friday the 13th Part 3-D. In this installment we get to see Jason don his iconic hockey mask for the first time (and it’s in 3-D)! I made a comic strip based on the concept.



I created the strip on regular ol’ smooth cardstock, using .03 & .05 micron.

I spent hours doing the stipple, but I wasn’t going to finish it before Friday the 13th was over so I recreated the strip digitally in Adobe Illustrator and kept with a minimal palette.



I’m a big fan of Ryder Doty’s artwork and wanted to use a really minimal retro-looking color palette.


After that I decided to challenge myself and see if I could really make the entire thing in 3-D, so I found a tutorial online and made it happen.



It was very tedious, but a lot of fun to see the results. If you have a pair of 3-D glasses you’ll find that the effect works!

Check out the tutorial to see how I created the 3D effect: 3D Anaglyph In illustrator


I’m looking forward to the next Friday the 13th so I can make some more fun stuff with Jason. See you then!