News & Updates: Maria Rosales Caricature


Posted: Wednesday, November 01, 2017


Here is a caricature that was commissioned by my friend Roger for his wife Maria. I completed it last year and keep meaning to post it. In any event here is what I did…


Digital caricature created in Adobe Illustrator.


I decided that along with the digital rendering I was gonna do a hand-rendered one with some song lyrics to add texture to the background.


The digital one was based off of a hand-rendered illustration using pen & ink onto of smooth bristol board.


The lyrics I used were from the song “Maria Maria” by Carlos Santana and The Product G&B. Here are some detailed shots of the initial sketch, the lyrics and full shot of the illustration.

This is one of the best caricatures of someone’s likeness that I think I’ve ever done (so far). I think one of the main reasons I am so proud of it is initially I had a hard time with her eyes; there is a razor-thin line between drawing eyes that look mischievous and eyes that look provocative.


Maria herself pictured with her caricature. I think she looks pleased!