News & Updates: Mid-Hiatus

Posted: Tuesday, July 18, 2017

I decided to take a hiatus this year at the beginning of 2017. It was meant to be just taking an entire year to say “no” to freelance projects outside of my day job and not really create any self-imposed/self-initiated projects.

What I discovered was that I really liked having that time off! Soon after I started taking a hiatus from other things like, the internet, listening to certain music, watching movies, reading comics, and the list just kept going.

I saw that with removing a lot from my life of not just consumption, but also production I was a lot more docile and I was able to really reflect on what I wanted to do with my skills.

I had spent the last 2+ years focusing all of my illustrations on creating caricatures. I had liked caricatures. They were very successful for me (in terms of what people would ask me to create as a paid-for service). However, taking a break from it made me see how I really liked creating other things and also that I was fairly skilled at those other things.

I was laser focused in creating this brand and making it marketable that I forgot that my skillset was in illustration and not just illustration of a specific thing (i.e. caricatures).

I spent the first 2 and a half months of this year literally not drawing a single thing. I let that desire and enjoyment of my craft build up until I just absolutely had to create something.

When I did create something it felt organic and I felt how much I had missed creating and doing it just because and not for a purpose or goal. It was like discovering illustration all over again, except I knew what I was doing (ha)!

So all of that to say, I am going to create, but what my main focus is?—I don’t really know yet. I am just having a good time figuring it out.

I sincerely hope you’ll still stick around here to see what emerges.

Sidebar note: Even though I’m technically on a hiatus I inadvertently produced something and am going to share it with you (and it may or may not be what you think).