News & Updates: Process (Part 1)


Posted: Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Recently I was listening to another creative speak on a podcast about process. The sad truth is that a lot of creatives don’t use or even have a process.

A process is a way of researching, planning, sketching, resolving and iterating a concept before it ever becomes a final piece that is published or shown to a client.

I’ve been really into Graphic Recording and Sketchnotes lately and those are an exception in that I am drawing things live, off the cuff and on the fly. I do not employ a formal process because the nature of it being live.

However, when I do self-initiated illustration pieces or a piece for a client there is a process involved.

I am working on designing and laying out my latest book Sketchy Advice (from God) and 31 pieces therein are raw Sketchnotes, but the extra pages, like the Foreward, Acknowledgements, Preface, Introduction and Cover are not. I did a fair amount of planning on how these pages would look.

My best example is right now I am trying to resolve the cover. I have done many thumbnail sketches on how I could possibly layout the cover of the book from what the title font looks like and where it’s placed, to where word balloons are arranged on the characters on the page, to different expressions, postures and hand positions of each character in relation to everything, to how the characters and their hair and clothes will look.




The thumbnails are very rough and I’m just going for quick sketches to get a general sense. As I keep iterating they become more detailed until I start creating rough sketches, which are just a slightly larger and slightly more detailed version of the thumbnails.



It makes sense for a book on Sketchnotes that I draw it by hand, since the book is entirely by hand, but I do this for every piece especially the digital pieces. Next time I will get more into how and why I do this for digital pieces and why I think it’s not just beneficial but absolutely necessary.

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