News & Updates: Sketchnotes and Graphic Recording


Posted: Tuesday, July 25, 2017

One of the things I have really enjoyed creating during this hiatus are Sketchnotes.

Sketchnotes (or Graphic Recording, if you please) simply are notes that are more visual. They are a combination of words and pictures. The combination of those things have been proven to help one and understand information and concepts better.

I began doing them during a sermon at church just to practice the technique. I had seen a lot of illustrators and even non-creatives take part in it on various social media posts.


Here is an example of some live Sketchnotes I took at my church.


I found that while I was doing them I was really paying attention more and that I retained a lot of the information that was given. Since then I have become an advocate for them and am constantly creating them.


The Preface to my book “Sketchy Advice (from God)” sums up a bit of why Sketchnotes are effective.


Very soon I will have completed a book entirely comprised of Sketchnotes. I am very excited about it and am looking forward to sharing the process of how that book was created and what my process was in creating each piece inside of it.

If you’re interested in it you can pre-order it here!



This is a page from my upcoming book “Sketchy Advice (from God)”.