News & Updates: So it’s Halloween Season!




Posted: Monday, October 03, 2016

I’m a big fan of Halloween. Actually, I think I’m more a fan of the horror genre and of monsters in general.

For this entire month, on social media, I am participating in Inktober, where illustrator’s of all sorts are challenged to create an illustration with pen and ink everyday for the entire month of October.

When the month is over and the challenge is completed I will post everything that I have made in one big post. I am going to be illustrating a horror icon everyday for Inktober.

For now, I wanted to kick off the season with a digitally-rendered illustration of Michael Myers. It started off as a doodle on some scrap paper while I was at work a few weeks ago and it gave me the direction I wanted to go during the Inktober challenge.



I sketched this on some scrap paper with a ballpoint pen. I knew I would have to change the hair because it looked more like dredlocks.


In my youth I didn’t really appreciate Michael Myers as a horror icon because he wasn’t as showy as Pinhead, Freddy Kruger or Leatherface, but as my tastes matured I realized that his quiet, stoic restraint is what makes him unnerving.



I cleaned up the doodle using tracing paper because I did not like the hair. I would later change the lips on the final art because those lips are just bonkers.


All of that to say, here is my rendition of Michael Myers. Enjoy!



I got those lips and hair under control.