News & Updates: (#TBT) Evolution of Pastor Greg Laurie


Posted: Thursday, November 02, 2017


#TBT is a new feature I am going to try and implement here on my website. I’ve been working professionally for over 10 years and have so much work that I have yet to share on my website from personal projects as well as client work.

Today’s is a caricature of Pastor Greg Laurie that I was hired to do for a roast they did of him back in 2013.

Pastor Greg Laurie.

Aside from being an evangelist, Greg is something of an illustrator himself. The organization that hired me thought it would be fun to have an illustrated version Greg’s head evolving from an orange to a human head.


The joke being that because Greg’s tan makes him look like an orange.



Greg is notable for doing many evolution caricatures of people evolving from one thing into another.

Here is a cartoon of Greg’s of himself evolving from a baby to an old man (I pulled it from his blog—I hope he doesn’t mind).