Posted: Sunday, July 05, 2015


Today my wife and I are on a sabbatical. We both are with her grandparents, camping in the mountains of our beautiful state of New Mexico. Living in our largest city, Albuquerque, and on one of it’s busiest streets) it is easy to forget that the whole place isn’t a desert. In my 34 years on this earth I am a bit sad to say that I haven’t been to many of the varied scenic and cultural places outside my familiar urban/suburban bubble.


I talk often about taking time to relax and clear your head. I take advantage of that, but I often forget that it’s much easier to do outside civilization. It’s quiet—like really quiet (aside from the ambient sound of the running stream next to me).


Something that I have been thinking about a lot is the direction that I want to take this website and also the focus of my work.


I originally started this website as an online portfolio that I could refer people to get client work. I started promoting it more often after the release of my first children’s book, Boys & Bugs. Previously, all I had were social media pages and many failed attempts at getting people to design a website for me, which always seemed to end up as a perpetual Coming Soon page.


I finally had the website up and it had some content, but it sat dormant for about a year. I had some work up that I was proud of, but I didn’t have a real focus.


I decided that I was gonna write some stuff in the meantime and try to keep it updated. I was cheekily influenced by my buddy to do a review on brush pens, because I had bought a bunch of them to experiment with. I was also becoming very inspired and influenced, by Sean McCabe’s podcasts, to share what I know and give away valuable content. So for the past few months I have been iterating in public and writing about things that pertain to illustration.


However, now that I have my head clear I’ve been really wanting to focus what I am passionate about. I love drawing caricatures; I really enjoy the storytelling element of it.


So all of that to say I’ll be focusing this site from now until at least two years on the art of creating caricatures. I will give away tips and techniques that I’ve learned by doing this for years. I will continue to iterate in public and you can look for a daily caricature of someone by following me on Instagram. I hope you enjoy the experience.