Sketchy Advice (from God) – Proverbs 11:1


Posted: Sunday, February 11, 2018

Sketchy Advice (from God) 31 Sketchnote Excerpts from the Book of Proverbs will finally be released this month on Tuesday, February 14, 2018. It has been quite a journey creating this book and I am so thankful for everyone’s support and interest in the project. For the next 31 days I am going to be posting the pages from the book. Modestly-speaking I am very proud of it and I think it will be a good resource for yourself or someone you might know who is interested in experiencing Godly wisdom in a new and visual way. You can still pre-order Sketchy Advice (from God) here. Enjoy!


Easter Egg: The proprietor of Lou’s Fair Fruit is Lucifer the serpent from the Garden of Eden. Also, he’s not fair at all with this fruit he’s the father of lies.


Proverbs 11:1

Dishonest scales are an abomination to the Lord,

But a just weight is His delight.